A young fawn awakens (in/to) the fiery dawn.

Thank you for coming to my humble forest.

Please look around at all the things I love.

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Velvet Blue

A bit about me: I love the shifting qualities of the internet, of personal website making. I can be a white-tailed deer dawning a lichen cloak galavanting in the digi-forest of intertwined landscapes. This space, shared with so many other brilliant others who lovingly create, forms an evershifting space of belonging. This belonging is built upon the potential: the potential to make, to share, and to negotiate my fantasy with the digital world. Yet, this space is not unbounded, it is relational. I began making a personal website a couple years ago through gazing upon the "recently updated" or "most-followed" websites. I learned the various languages communities and websites used to visually, intertextually write their love into pixel or code. To this day, surfing webrings, Neocities, and recently followed pages I stumble and trip through worlds constantly burgeoning and scintillating. These spaces continue to drive me to make and share, articulate how much possibility for change I feel in the bright shifting light of a 88x31 button. This website is a space where I can continue to explore relational world-building and being enlivened by possibilities of performance I never dreamed of. Thank you.

May our canine energies howl through this

website as they do through the wild tundra-

both of the great Canadian North where the

wolves yip and croon with fierce and frolicksome

abandon and of the imagination, where our

more-than-human arctic adventurer converses

with wisened academic arctic owls and the

glacial-white cubes of galleries.