G r e e t i n g s . My name is Aidia, any pronouns are fine. Art has been a vital part of my life from a very young age playing classical piano; recently, I am studying art history as my full time job as a student. Don't let this fool you I actually kind of don't like the label of art >< but that's for another section of this beautiful website. This website is heavily inspired by the countless other brilliant artists who exist on Neocities. I love how we have a place to show our passions on our own terms and find community with so many people who feel the same.

My name

More About the site's name. It comes from a combination of my name Aidan and utopia! I really resonate with ideas of utopia that defy linear temporality (which is the idea that we exist only in the present and the past is the past and the future is only ahead). I think art is a place that creates spaces where the past, present, and future are blurred through fantasy and imagination. When you read your favorite novel, look at your favorite poster, listen to that one song that hits just right, don't you enter into a place where time becomes irrelevant and an ecstatic timelessness takes over? Maybe, I know for me this sometimes happens and I am eternally chasing it in my engagement with art and I hope I can share some of that with you on this website.

I am currently studying abroad in Japan for about eight-nine months so if you are over here please let me know (my email is aidia.pink@proton.me) and I'd love to meet up to talk all things neocities and life in Japan! P.S. I am now 22 :3

If you'd like to get in touch with me to discuss anything or leave feedback about my website or thoughts email me at aidia.pink@proton.me All the best!