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Make a Website, its fun, cool, and beautiful!

Click here to see the manifesto that inspired me to make a website

My two cents on making a website, especially as compared to social media like the big icky instagram. It is endlessly customizable: you can represent yourself, a dream version of you, or a combination of the two or something you've always dreamed of. You are no longer limited to just your story, profile, or one off post. You can upload photos you love in a gallery. You can upload hot selfies of you + add your favorite song to accompany the vibes. You could finally create a wonderful shrine to your favorite house pet! You can create a pseudo alternate identity (aka Aidia). Or LITERALLY ANYTHING. The world is yours on the internet, but social media platforms and big businesses now control the web and want you to represent yourself the way they want you to so they can give you ads, get your information to sell, and control the way you represent yourself to the world. SOOOOOOO Check out all of the resources below to learn how to code.

I know learning to code sounds like the most boring and hard thing to do ever, but its actually super easy with the many many resources on the internet that are completely free!

There is this amazing webhost (which I use) called Neocities which lets you create and host a website for free! For free you will have a website all your own. Super easy to set up and I have been using them for about two years now and I trust them with my entire cyber identity :3. Link is Here

Fun Fact: I coded this entire mobile version of my website (you should go to your laptop and check out the pc version of my website because its wayyyyy cooler but you do you ;)) using these wonderful css and html pages HERE!

More Coding Resources!!!!

Here are a bunch of resources from how to make various things on your website or a beginners guide to html! (all free ofc)

I am always on this page for great graphics and general things to make my website look prettier! (all free again!)

YAY! Well, if you have questions....

Please reach out! Email me at If you know me irl I am always down to buy you a coffee and show you how I make my website and answer any questions I can (I am horrible at coding sooooo I'll do my best). Thank you for taking the time to look at my website. It means a lot to me. Have a beautiful day!

Stay Pink,


P. S. This could be us being internet best friends with cute websites... just think about it :3